What does it mean if data on the New York State Report Cards are “embargoed”?

Embargoed data are those that cannot be discussed at public meetings or released to the public or the media until they have been publicly released. This public release is generally made by the Commissioner.  Data that have been publicly released to the media or can be found by the general public on data.nysed.gov are not embargoed. For example, preliminary annual 3-8 English language arts (ELA) and math assessment results are generally publicly released on data.nysed.gov under “Student Data” prior to the public release of final 3-8 ELA and math assessment data in the New York State Report Cards. Therefore, these data in the secure release of the report cards are not embargoed. Annual Regents examination data, however, are not part of a separate public release prior to the release of the report cards. As such, these data are embargoed until the report card public release. Even if data are embargoed, they may be used for internal district operations, including program and instructional planning for students and communication with individual parents about their child's academic needs.

* Embargoed data cannot be saved as a PDF or printed; publicly released data can be saved as a PDF or printed.