I’m on data.nysed.gov, but how can I create a report card for a certain school or district or the state as a whole?

Use the following steps to create a report card:

  1. Using the search bar at the top of data.nysed.gov, start typing in the name of the district or school you are interested in generating a report card for. Once it appears, click on it. Alternatively, you can click on “DISTRICTS” or “SCHOOLS” at the top of the page and then select the district or school from the list provided.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the tab for year for which you want to see data. Older data are in the “Archive” tab.

  3. Under “School Data,” click on “School Report Card.”

  4. Under “What data would you like to see?” click in the boxes to check the data in the report card you would like to see. If you click in the box to the right of the section headers, like “Profile Data,” all data in that section will be automatically selected. If you would like to see all data in the report card, click the “CheckAll” box on the right.

  5. Click on the blue “Build” box. Your report will be generated.