Level Zero Historical Account Access Requirements

Access to the L0 Historical application is granted locally, not by the NYSED.  All report- and data-related questions should first be directed to your regional L1 RIC or Big 5 CSD data center. When inquiring, you may wish to ask for "State data warehousing support for Level 0 Historical". L0H-specific contacts may be listed in the section of the "RIC/Big 5 Contacts" directory under your L1 data center (you should find the RIC/Big 5 Contacts link located near the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar on all NYSED IRS Web pages).

All P12 institutions* that need access to the Level Zero Historical application must meet the following requirements before making an attempt to log into Level Zero Historical at https://l0historical.nyseddata.org/:

  1. The P12 institution must exist in the SEDREF - Core Information on SED Institutions.

  2. The P12 institution must be reported to NYSED through the Level 1 Host Child (L1HC) system by their contracted Level 1 data center** that collects their location data for submission to the NYSED Level 2 data warehouse for New York State level reporting.

  3. The CEO of the P12 institutional location BEDS code should have a NYSED Application Business Portal account entitled access to Level 0 Historical application before any other staff members for the same P12 institutional location BEDS code.
    1. A CEO NYSED Application Business Portal account is generated automatically after a P12 institutional location BEDS code's CEO information is entered/updated in the SEDREF - Core Information on SED Institutions.
    2. The Level 0 Historical application may not be a default access entitlement depending on the type of P12 institution and access may need to be manually granted by a NYSED account administrator through the SED Delegated Account System (SEDDAS). Access requests should be submitted through the blue Help button in the bottom right of your screen with the CEO's full name, work email address, work phone number and the BEDS code for their institutional location included.
    3. A CEO can delegate access to other staff members of the same P12 institutional location as needed through SED Delegated Account System (SEDDAS) to create and entitle accounts.
  4. All CEOs manage their location's staff NYSED Application Business Portal accounts through SED Delegated Account System (SEDDAS) which can be accessed by logging in at http://portal.nysed.gov/.
  5. All NYSED Application Business Portal account access can be regained by following the password reset steps listed at https://datasupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/203364149-Resetting-password-for-a-SEDDAS-account.
  6. SEDDAS guidance for Level Zero Historical is posted on the SEDDAS home page at http://www.p12.nysed.gov/seddas/seddashome.html under Quick Guides.

*P12 institutions are district and school locations that have enrollment in any grades from prekindergarten to senior year of high school.

**Level 1 Data Centers are listed at http://www.p12.nysed.gov/irs/sirs/ric-big5.html .