Roll Over Button

For the web version of these instructions with screen captures, go to 2017 Steps to Submit Tech Plans, pp. 2-3.

1. Answers to this survey may be rolled over (copied) from the previous survey. Rolling over answers is a multi-step process.

2.  If the district wishes to have answers rolled over, click on the orange Roll Over Previous answers button on the left BEFORE entering any new data into the 2017 survey.

 ** IMPORTANT - If data has been entered into the survey before hitting the Roll Over Previous Answers button and the user hasn’t clicked on Save, hitting the Roll Over button will overwrite that data. If data has been entered and the district hits Save after entering the data, the Roll Over button will disappear and the district will not be able to retrieve it, unless the user deletes all data that has been entered.

  a. Then read the Roll over Warning.

b. Click on the Load Previous Cycle Answers button.

3. If the district enters and saves data and thus loses the Roll Over button, all data will need to be deleted in order to re-activate the button.

The user can delete all data on each page of the survey, one page at a time, by clicking on the Delete Page Answers found at the bottom of each screen. A warning will appear prior to the deletion taking effect. Click OK and all data on the page will be deleted. The Roll Over button should then appear.

4. If the user has deleted all of the data and roll over button does not reappear, please click the blue Help button on the lower right and fill out the Contact us form. Please specify “Ed Tech” in the message. This message will go to the datasupport application and be answered by a NYSED Educational Design & Technology staff member.

 5. Once the answers have rolled over, the District will be returned to page 1 of the survey.