Approval Process--Reviewer Does Not Approve Survey

For the web version with screen captures, click on 2017 Steps to Submit Tech Plans ,  pp. 6-8.

The NYSED Reviewer reviews the survey and has questions about the survey responses.  The NYSED reviewer will contact the district and discuss the area(s) of concern. If the district then wishes to revise the response(s), the reviewer will unsubmit the survey for revision.

1. Before the survey is unsubmitted, the Reviewer will include Notes under the question(s) that s/he would like revised. The Note(s) will contain a suggestion for revision. Only NYSED can create Notes.

2. The NYSED Reviewer unsubmits the Plan. The Note(s) from the NYSED Reviewer will now be visible to the district under the question(s) the Reviewer thinks need to be revised. Notes are only visible to the district after a survey has been unsubmitted. After the survey is unsubmitted, the district will receive an email notification that the survey has been unsubmitted. The district will view the unsubmitted survey in its Inbox.

3. The Comment feature is available to the District and NYSED to add a general comment about the review. To add a Comment, click on the Add Comment box on the lower left hand side of the screen.

4. Type the Comment in the survey Comment box and click Save or Save and Close.

a. Once a survey has been submitted to NYSED, the District and the NYSED Reviewer can use the Comment feature to discuss possible revisions to the tech survey. It is not necessary for the NYSED Reviewer to unsubmit the survey or for the district to recertify and resubmit it for the Comments to be visible. If the survey has not been unsubmitted to the district, it will be visible to the district in its outbox.

b. To view a Comment, click on the small plus (+) sign on the bottom of the Survey Navigation on the left. The Comment will then be visible.

5. If the district wishes to revise a response after reviewing the Reviewer’s comments and notes, it should correct the answer and save it. The Reviewer can review the change and decide whether the response is satisfactory without the plan having to be re-certified and resubmitted.