FAQs--Access to the Survey

1. Question: How do I obtain access to the Business Portal to enter my plan? How do I obtain my user name and password?

Answer: The Superintendent of the School District or his/her designee (Delegated/Entitlement Administrator--DA/EA) will create user accounts (permissions) in the State Education Department Delegated Account System (SEDDAS). For additional information, please see A Quick Guide: Entitling Users to SED Monitoring & Vendor Performance System or SEDDAS – State Education Department Delegated Account System


2.  Question: My Superintendent has been trying to entitle me to the EdTech survey in SEDDAS, but it doesn’t seem to be listed among the entitlements. What should we do?

Answer: Make sure that the superintendent selected “SED monitoring” (SED Monitor & Vendor Performance System) on the entitlement screen. If that doesn’t work, please send a screen shot or multiple screen shots with an explanation of your problem to edtech@nysed.gov .


3. Question: I have access to the Business Portal. How do I obtain access to SED Monitoring application so I can enter data into the Tech survey?

Answer:  The Superintendent or his designees(s)--DA/EA or the Entitlement Administrator (EA)-- will grant access (entitle) the user to the SED Monitoring application. If the DA/EA does not have access to the SED Monitoring System, the Superintendent will need to grant them this access. 


4. Question: I have been granted access to SED Monitoring, but I still don’t see the Survey.

Answer:  The next and final step is for the DA/EA or the EA to assign the role of Data Access and then check “Ed Tech” for Data View and Data Entry.  For further information, please see Quick Guide to Entitling Users to SED Monitoring System , especially p. 4.


5. Question: My superintendent has entitled me to enter data in the tech survey, but when I log into the Business Portal, I don’t see Tech Survey. What went wrong?

Answer: If a user has their account tied to an individual school, s/he will not be able to access the tech survey.  The Superintendent will need to create a new account at the District level and then grant that new account access to Ed Tech. Then the individual can see the Survey and enter data into it.


6. Question: I am having trouble accessing the Business Portal.  I have entered my name and password, but it won’t open. What should I do?

Answer: The password to access the Business Portal must be changed every six months. If a user hasn’t changed the password recently, the first thing that the user should do is click the Reset Password button on the top right of the Business Portal and follow the directions in Resetting password for a SEDDAS account . If logging in with a new password doesn’t work, then contact edtech@nysed.gov .