FAQs--Requirements for Plan Submission

1. Question: If I have an approved 2016 Instructional Technology Plan (ITP) on file with NYSED, do I need to submit a new plan in 2017?

Answer:  No.  Districts will not be required to update their ITPs in 2017.


2. Question: Does the approved status of the 2016 plan expire on October 15, 2017?

Answer:  No, the approved status does not expire on October 15, 2017. Plans approved in 2016 will remain in approved status until the deadline for 2018 submission.


 3.  Question: Is the 2017 tech survey very different from the 2016 survey?

 Answer:  The questions in the 2017 survey are the same as 2016.  Districts may update their plans if they wish, such as those who want to ensure alignment with Smart Schools Investment Plans. The Survey includes a rollover button that will copy the district's 2016 responses to the survey questions.


4. Question: Is approval by the School Board required before a District submits its  technology plan?

Answer: Commissioner’s Regulation 100.12 does not require that the school district board approve the plan prior to submission. It is up to the school district superintendent to follow locally-established protocols prior to submitting the instructional technology plan survey to the state.


 5. Question: Do we need to submit both the tech plan survey and the technology plan for obtaining E-Rate funds?

Answer: The E-Rate program no longer requires the submission of a technology plan.


6. Question:  Are BOCES required to submit an instructional technology plan?

Answer: Part 100.12 of the Commissioner’s Regulations does not require BOCES to submit instructional technology plans. For more information, please see 100.12 Instructional Computer Technology Plans.


7. Question: Are charter schools required to submit an instructional technology plan?

Answer: Charter schools are not required to submit an instructional technology plan.