FAQs--Review Process

1. Question: Are we required to work with our BOCES and/or Regional Information Center (RIC) when submitting the technology plan?

Answer: No. For the 2017 update, plans will be sent directly to NYSED for review and approval and will not require certification through a Regional Information Center. The process for submitting the tech plan survey is outlined in the 2017 Mini-Guide for Districts .


 2. Question: What is the function of the Inbox and Outbox for the tech plan surveys in the Portal? Could these be used to communicate with NYSED like in an email program?

 Answer:  The Inbox and Outbox in the Portal are simply the location where tech surveys reside. They cannot be used for communication.  The district will see their plan in the Inbox before it is sent to NYSED, and in the Outbox after it has been sent to the NYSED.