Child Nutrition User role for CNMS Direct Certification

Here is what is in place for the Child Nutrition role in the NYSSIS application:

  • The NYSED Child Nutrition Program Administration (CNPA) is using the NYSSIS application ( for its direct certification matching process (DCMP)
    • The NYSSIS application is only matching approved School Food Authority (SFA) enrollment to Medicaid and SNAP data for the NYSED CNPA.
    • This process is not a means to obtain a NYSSIS ID which is for the P12 enrollment data collected for SIRS (
  • Level 1 Data centers will not be given access to the child nutrition screens.
  • The child nutrition (CN) screens will not have any impact on the day to day P12 data processing and resolution in NYSSIS. 
  • SFA’s that DO NOT submit data for SIRS should use the NYSSIS application with the "Child Nutrition User" role.
  • There is a dual role called "NYSSIS & Child Nutrition User" for users that need to access the NYSSIS P12 enrollment screens for SIRS and the CN screens for DCMP.
    • Accounts with the dual role access "NYSSIS & Child Nutrition User" for an institutional location that is NOT recognized for BOTH SIRS data collection and Child Nutrition SFA status will not be able to access any data in the NYSSIS application.
  • The CN screens in the NYSSIS application will only show data for locations that are an approved SFA recognized by the NYSED CNPA.
  • All inquiries from CN SFA locations about using the CN screens in the NYSSIS application should be sent to the NYSED CNPA.