Child Nutrition User role for CNMS Direct Certification

Here is what is in place for the Child Nutrition role in the NYSSIS application:

  • The NYSED Office of Child Nutrition is using NYSSIS to better account for the students that they are providing service for.
  • Level 1s will not be given access to the child nutrition screens.
  • The child nutrition screens will not have any impact on the day to day P12 data processing and resolution in NYSSIS. 
  • There will not be a hybrid role for accessing the NYSSIS P12 enrollment screens and the child nutrition screens due to concerns about child nutrition users having access to all P12 enrollment data. Child Nutrition students are a subset of P12 enrollment students.
  • Institutional locations that have data on file with the NYSED Office of Child Nutrition can use the NYSSIS application with the Child Nutrition user role.
    • The child nutrition screens in the NYSSIS application will only show data for locations that have submitted child nutrition data.
  • All guidance for the child nutrition screens is provided by the NYSED Office of Child Nutrition.