Child Nutrition User roles for CNMS Direct Certification

Here is what is in place for the Child Nutrition role in the NYSSIS application:

  • The NYSED Child Nutrition Program Administration (CNPA) is using the NYSSIS application ( for its direct certification matching process (DCMP)
    • The NYSSIS application is only matching approved School Food Authority (SFA) enrollment to Medicaid and SNAP data for the NYSED CNPA.
    • This process is not a means to obtain a NYSSIS ID which is for the P12 enrollment data collected for SIRS (
  • Level 1 Data centers will not be given access to the child nutrition screens.
  • The child nutrition (CN) screens will not have any impact on the day to day P12 data processing and resolution in NYSSIS. 
  • SFA’s that DO NOT submit data for SIRS should entitle their accounts to use the NYSSIS application with the "Child Nutrition User" role.
  • RA locations can not access Child Nutrition DCMP screens in the NYSSIS application. They will need to work with the SFA location that they submit their food services data through.
  • There is a dual role called "NYSSIS & Child Nutrition User" for users that need to access the NYSSIS P12 enrollment screens for SIRS and the CN screens for DCMP.
    • Accounts with the dual role access "NYSSIS & Child Nutrition User" for an institutional location MUST be an approved location for BOTH a SIRS data collection participant and as a Child Nutrition SFA.
    • Access to the NYSSIS application will be blocked if the a location does not qualify for both data collections and the account should be updated to have the "Child Nutrition User" role for the NYSSIS application.
  • The CN screens in the NYSSIS application will only show data for locations that are an approved SFA recognized by the NYSED Office of Child Nutrition with their system CNPA.
  • All inquiries from CN SFA locations about using the CN screens in the NYSSIS application should be sent to the NYSED Office of Child Nutrition for their system CNPA.