Guidance--Access to the Survey

ITP surveys are submitted via a multi-purpose online system titled State Education Department (SED) Monitoring.  A link to access SED Monitoring becomes visible once you are logged in to the NYSED business portal.

The superintendent will have automatic access to the survey via the following link: 

S/he will need to delegate access to the person or persons completing the survey through SEDDAS, the SED Delegated Account System, which manages access to web-based applications through the State Education Department’s Business Portal.

Before the superintendent delegates access to the survey, s/he needs to ensure that the delegated individual has SEDDAS permissions to enter the portal.  The superintendent will then need to use his/her SEDDAS permissions to grant users Data Entry and Data View to the ITP survey under "Ed Tech" in SEDMON.  The district’s Delegated/Entitlement Administrator (DA/EA) may also provide this access.

Granting these permissions will NOT provide access to any other information in the portal. The superintendent is the only individual that has submit/certify rights and will therefore need to submit and certify the survey before it can be submitted to NYSED for review.

Note: Should NYSED not approve the survey submission, it will be unsubmitted back to the district.  If it is unsubmitted to the district, the superintendent will be required to re-certify/submit a revised ITP to NYSED.

Here is the link to the SEDDAS mini guide for entitling users to SED Monitoring: .

Below are the steps, also shown in the mini-guide, to grant access to the survey:

  1. Click "Entitlements"
  2. Search for the desired user by last name or user name
  3. Select the desired user and click "Select to Entitle"
  4. Select "SED Monitoring & Vendor Performance System" and click "Start Entitling"
  5. Select "Data Access" in the Role drop down if it not already selected
  6. Select Ed Tech in the Data Entry section to give the user the ability to fill out the Tech Plan or in the Data View to give them read only
  7. Click "Next”.