Guidance--Survey Section H: Status of Technology Initiatives & Community Connectivity

Question 1:

Please check any developments, since your last instructional technology plan, that affect the current status of the technology initiatives.
Please check all that apply.
Guidance:  If you check “Other”, you will be asked to specify in Question 1(a).  Changes in enrollment, staffing or funding can be an increase or a decrease.

1.a: Please specify if response to Question 1 was "Other."

Question 2:  Revised for the 2016 Update
In this section, please describe how the district plans to increase student and teacher access to technology, at home and in the community.
Response is limited to 250 words.

Guidance:  Removed reference to school.  The response should address how the district will increase access at home and in the community, not in school.  If your district does not have specific plans to increase access at home and/or in the community, please state that in your response. Some examples might be working with local government to provide internet access in other public buildings that are accessible during non-school hours, providing Wi-Fi on school buses with long commutes or assigning laptops or tablets to students to take home during the school year.

Question 3: Revised for the 2016 Update
Please check all locations where internet service is available to students within the school district’s geographical boundaries.

  • Home
  • Community
  • None

Check all that apply.

Guidance: Removed school.  The survey has already addressed internet service at school.  This question is related to home and community only.This question refers to ALL internet service available at home and in the community, not just internet service provided at these locations by the school district. If there is no internet service available for homes or in the community, check the “None” box.

3.a: Please identify categories of available internet locations within the community.  
(Appears if community is checked). Community can include, for example, local businesses, public libraries, non-profits and governmental entities. Response is limited to 250 words.

Guidance: It would be helpful to include numbers of locations within each category such as one public library and five local businesses. Districts do not need to provide a detailed list of locations providing internet service in the community.