Guidance--Survey Section J: Monitoring & Evaluation

Question 1: Please describe the proposed strategies that the district will use to evaluate, at least twice a year, whether the district’s instructional technology plan is 1) meeting the vision and goals as outlined in the plan and 2) making a positive impact on teaching and learning in the district.

Please list the dates, actions, and desired outcomes. Response is limited to 500 words.

Guidance: Now asks the district to outline the methods to be used to evaluate how well the goals are being met and how the plan is positively impacting teaching and learning.It is important to include dates, actions, and desired outcomes. 

Question 2
Please fill in all information for the policies listed below.
There is a public forum requirement for the Internet Safety/Cyberbullying Policy. The date of the public forum and the date of board approval should be listed within the Internet Safety/Cyberbullying policy document*. Districts do not need to have a public forum for the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) or Parents’ Bill of Rights.

Please use N/A if the question does not apply.

Policy URL Year Policy Adopted
Acceptable Use Policy-AUP
Internet Safety/Cyberbullying*
Parent’s Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security