Guidance--Survey Section F: Professional Development

Question 1: 

Please provide a summary of professional development offered to teachers and staff, for the time period covered by this plan, to support technology to enhance teaching and learning. Please include topics, audience, and method of delivery within your summary. Please use the New York State Professional Development Standards as a reference.
If the district plans to apply for Smart Schools Bond Act funds for Classroom Learning Technology, the answer to this question must be aligned with the district’s Smart Schools Investment Plan (SSIP).

Response is limited to 500 words.

Guidance:  This section can include professional development offered within and by the school district and training that teachers are utilizing through a regional Model Schools program. This information should come from the district’s approved Professional Development Plan.

This question might best be answered in the form of a table.  You may create a table within the survey or copy and paste one from an existing document.

Question 2
Please list title and Full Time Equivalent (FTE) count (as of survey submission date) of all staff whose primary responsibility is delivering technology integration training and support for teachers. Does not include technical support.

Title Number of Current FTEs

Guidance:  Added the word “delivering” to further clarify the question.  Added information about the calculation of  FTE. Relevant staff would include the Director of Technology, curriculum integration teacher-coaches, and any other staff that assist with instructional technology implementation.  Select “Add Row” to list additional titles and FTE’s.

Note: Guidance document clarifies how to determine FTE count. Do not double-count staff time already accounted for in Section D, Software and IT support. If the same individual staff member supports both technology integration and provides general tech support, allocate their time between the two functions. Total FTE count for any one individual should not exceed 1.0. Do not include contractors unless paid as an FTE.

Response is limited to 500 words.

Additional Guidance:  FTE calculation:  Districts should include FTE staff employed directly by the district and/or subcontracted through an outside organization (such as a BOCES, RIC, or private vendor).  Technology integration and support services that don’t identify specific FTEs should not be included in responses to this question.