Guidance--Survey Section G: Technology Investment Plan

Question 1: 

Please list the top five planned technology investments in priority order over the next three years. Infrastructure is considered an instructional technology investment.

  Anticipated Item or Service Drop Down Menu Estimated Cost Is Cost one-time,Annual, or both? Potential Funding Source
May choose more than one source per item.) (Text Boxes)
  • One-time
  • Annual
  • Both
  • One-time
  • Annual
  • Both
  • One-time
  • Annual
  • Both
  • One-time
  • Annual
  • Both
  • One-time
  • Annual
  • Both

Guidance:   The Anticipated Item or Service column offers a drop-down menu of options as shown below. Select one category of item or service for each of the district’s top five anticipated purchases in priority order – 1= first priority, 2 = second priority and so on.  Selected Anticipated Items or Services should be planned instructional technology purchases beginning within the three (3) year cycle of this technology plan. Anticipated purchases do not necessarily need to be completed within the three (3) year cycle of this instructional technology plan.

If the district anticipates purchasing an item or service not included as an option on the drop down list, select “Other” and specify it/them in Question 1.a.

Next, select whether or not the purchase of the Anticipated Item or Service is expected to be a one-time or annual expenditure or both (e.g. initial purchase of new software AND annual payments for subscription licenses). Then, identify the funding source(s) the district anticipates using to pay for the expected purchases. If the district has identified a source not included in the check box options or at, the time of survey submission, has not identified a discrete funding source for the anticipated item or service expected to be purchased, select “Other” from among the available check boxes in the Funding Sources column and specify it/them in Question 1.a.

This plan can include staffing directly related to implementing the instructional technology plan and related professional development.

Infrastructure is considered an instructional technology investment.

Please note this question relates to funding sources, NOT funding mechanisms.  Example:  An Install-Purchase agreement (IPA) is a funding mechanism.  The source of the money to make the payments under the IPA is the funding source.

Drop down list of items: Choose one per row:
3D Printers
Interactive Displays/Projectors/Whiteboards
Instructional Software
Network Cabling
Office/Productivity Software
Professional Development
Server/Network Software

Check box list of funding sources: (Can choose more than one)
BOCES Co-Ser purchase
District Operating Budget
District Public Bond
Instructional Materials Aid
Instructional Resources Aid
Smart Schools Bond Act

1.a: If “Other" was selected in Question 1, for items purchased or for a funding source, please specify.

Response is limited to 250 words.