Guidance--Survey Section I: Instructional Technology Plan Implementation

Question 1: 

Please provide the timeline and major milestones for the implementation of the technology plan, as well as the action plan to integrate technology into curriculum and instruction to improve student learning.
Please list the dates, actions, and desired outcomes. Response is limited to 500 words.

Guidance:   The timeline must include dates, actions, and desired outcomes. Dates may be indicated as, for example, “Fall 2015, 2016, and 2017.”   Please include all three years of the plan.  It is acceptable to list all three school years as the time frame and list actions and desired outcomes for each year.  Districts are not required to break it down into shorter time frames. 

It is recommended that your answer be formatted as a table. You should be able to copy and paste Word tables or information from Excel spread sheets into the plan.  You may also create tables within the survey.


Action Plan
Goal 1: Communication between parents and staff will be enhanced.
Actions Needed to Achieve Goal
Staff Development
Person(s) Responsible
Date Each Action Will Be Completed
Indication of Success