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PD Data System
The PD Data System is an online tool for the collection, verification and certification of Special Education data.  The majority of the data displayed in the PD System is pulled from the Student Information Repository System (SIRS) data warehouse. Additionally, some data is entered directly into the System.

Submitting data through the PD Data System:

PD 6 data is submitted directly into the PD system.  PD 8 data is submitted through a vendor using the FTP process or can be data entered through the PD system. Follow the directions on the SEDCAR home page under Reporting Requirements for more information. The verification reports data all come from SIRS. For more information on reporting data through SIRS please visit: or contact your RIC.

SPP Indicator Schedules:
To see the SPP indicator schedule and resubmission schedule please visit:

Due Dates:
See each table posted for each specific form or print out a printer friendly version of all forms and due dates. 

You may also subscribe to the RSS feed and Google calendar for up-to-date information and announcements.

All BEDS codes accepted in SIRS:

SIRS Information:

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