NYSED SFTP proxy account creation and confirmation for the Office of Information and Reporting Services

As NYSED has limited ability to customize automated emails that GoAnywhere (SFTP account management software) sends out when new SFTP accounts are created, please review the following for important supplemental information:


If you have an existing proxy NYSED SFTP GoAnywhere account, you will NOT receive a new email when new SFTP permissions have been granted to you. You will simply see any new/additional folders the next time you log in (at https://sedftm.nysed.gov/webclient/Login.xhtml).


All NEW users granted first-time access to a NYSED GoAnywhere SFTP account should:

  1. Click on the link “Click here to access the folder” in the email from SED File Transfer Manager <GoAnywhere@nysed.gov> to open the account creation screen for your GoAnywhere SFTP account. Your SFTP account username will default to your email address unless you update it before you create your SFTP account password. You should follow the best account security practices by using your work email address to create your account.

    NOTE: This invitation link will expire 2 weeks after it is sent. If you try to create your account after this window you will receive an error. If this happens please request a new invite from your NYSED contact person indicated in the invite first line "A folder has been shared with you by ".

  2. You will be prompted to create a new account with a user name and password.
    1. User name can be anything that you want.
    2. Password Requirements:
      Create a new permanent password that meets the following requirements.
      Minimum Password Length is 8
      Minimum Number of Upper Case Letters is 1
      Minimum Number of Lower Case Letters is 1
      Minimum Number of Digits is 1
      Minimum Number of Special Characters is None
      Allowable Special Characters are ~@#$%^&*()-_=+<>?/\;:[]{},.

      Note: It may take a full business day for a new account to be approved and linked to the needed folder(s) after it was created. You may receive additional emails stating that you were invited to another folder and you should treat these emails as notifications for the additional folder access that you were granted. You do not have to take any action with these emails after completing the account creation process with first folder invite from SED File Transfer Manager <GoAnywhere@nysed.gov>.
  4. Look for the email sent from SED File Transfer Manager <GoAnywhere@nysed.gov> containing the following:
    • The UID of the account that was created
    • "Your account has been created successfully"
    • "Your user name is: [your_email@yourOrganization.org]

  5. You should now be able to log into https://sedftm.nysed.gov/webclient/Login.xhtml the GoAnywhere system with the Username and Password you created in step 1. 

Once a first-time account-holder has confirmed her/his account and changed the password through the GoAnywhere web interface, s/he may then choose either to

  • continue to access designated folders through the NYSED SFTP GoAnywhere Web interface (URL above), or
  • connect to the NYSED SFTP server using their institution's chosen SFTP client software. 


PLEASE NOTE: All requests for accounts to share files with the NYSED Office of Information and Reporting Services must be sent by a Level 1 Project Manager (or CEO) to datasupport@nysed.gov with the intended account-holder’s name and email address, a list of project folders to which the account-holder will be permitted access, and “NYSED SFTP proxy account access request” in the BODY of the email.

If you have questions, please consult your L1 Project Manager. If you still have questions (or your PM has questions) please click the Help button at the lower right of this article page. Please include "SFTP" in BOTH the Subject and Body of the Help request.

If you need to share files with another NYSED program office, you should email your contact for the other NYSED program office.