NYSED Office of Information and Reporting Services Web Applications

Internal Web Applications accessible only through the NYSED Application Business Portal with a NYSED Application Business Portal account located at http://portal.nysed.gov/ .

Access should only be granted by the CEO on file in SEDREF for a BEDS code location. SEDREF can be queried for current BEDS code location information on file at https://portal.nysed.gov/pls/sedrefpublic/SED.sed_inst_qry_vw$.startup .

External Web Applications that accept a NYSED Application Business Portal Account for a login.

External Web Applications that account creation is optional. Anyone that creates an account can view current help desk tickets, view their ticket history to retrieve answers from previous tickets and subscribe to notifications for updated sections/articles (Not all help centers are using this feature) . The SEDDAS system does not grant access to the help centers.

Contact the NYSED Office of Information and Reporting Services for account access help with the web applications listed in this article by clicking on the blue help button in the bottom right of your screen.



A list of all of the other available NYSED internal web applications accessible through the NYSED Application Business Portal, their managing NYSED program office and a PDF download of the SEDDAS User Guide are located at http://www.p12.nysed.gov/seddas/seddashome.html .

Contact the SEDDAS help desk for account access help for web applications NOT listed in this article by sending an email to seddas@nysed.gov. Please include your location's 12 digit BEDS code, the account username and the application/system name that the account needs access to.