If a school doesn't have local IDs for the students, should this field be left blank?

No, the local ID for students is a “required” field as per the Guidance Document If they do not have a system for generating a unique local ID, we recommend using the following system to create a unique 9-digit local student ID:


In the 9-digit format, the first 4 digits should be the last 4 digits of the institutions BEDS Code. Digits 5 and 6 should be the last two digits of the annual school year in which a student is first enrolled. Digits 7, 8, and 9 should be the chronological number of students enrolled.


For example, if my BEDS Code ends in 3498, for THIS YEAR to start the process, all students would have the 5th and 6th digit as 24. Then as of the opening of school the 5th and 6th digit will be updated to 25. So, for the current year, if there are 200 students enrolled the nonpublic school the first local ID would be 349824001 and the last would be 349824200.


Next year the local IDs already assigned stay with the student and are never assigned to another new student enrollment because the 2024SY has passed, thus always producing a new unique ID.


Following this example, in the next year the nonpublic school would still have all the 349824001 – 349824200 students who were enrolled in 2024 and prior (because it was the first year the nonpublic school created unique local IDs) and the first student who is enrolled in the 2025SY would be 349825001. Then with each consecutive enrollment the last three (3) digits of the ID will continue consecutively with 002, 003, 004, etc. throughout the school year allowing up to 999 newly enrolled students a year the individual nonpublic school location. Again, all unique and never repeating because digits 5 and 6 will always progress with the school year.