SEDDAS Overview

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) Delegated Account System (SEDDAS) is a tool provided to staff of NYSED program offices and designated school and/or district personnel to create and manage user accounts for their own employees rather than going through NYSED. The SEDDAS application can be accessed by logging in on NYSED Business Portal at

Account passwords are managed by the account owner by going to and clicking on the Reset Your Password link in the top dark blue header bar of the page to regain access. 

For a list of applications accessed through SEDDAS entitlement and the owning NYSED program office to contact for access, please visit

Contact the SEDDAS help desk for account access issues for web applications NOT listed in our Help Center article NYSED Office of Information and Reporting Services Web Applications by sending an email to Please include your location's 12 digit BEDS code, the account username and the application/system that the account needs access to.

The CEO name and contact information of an institutional location must be up to date in the SEDREF system before the current CEO SEDDAS account is created. The system automatically creates the SEDDAS account for the CEO of record when SEDREF is updated. The process disables the former CEO SEDDAS account. Then the CEO can create or manage other accounts at the same institutional location. You can verify what NYSED has on file about your institution and your institution's CEO here SEDREF - Core Information on SED Institutions .

If you need to submit an update for your institution:

  1. Please click on the blue help button located in the bottom right of your screen. Enter your full name, email address and the information that you are requesting to be updated. Please include the term "sedref update" and your institution's BEDS code in the section of the How can we help you?* for faster ticket assignment to the correct content area.

  2. Attach a document with district/school letter head with the SEDREF updates needed for your institutional locations. Include the BEDS code of the location, the name of the new CEO, the email of the new CEO and phone number of the new CEO. All CEO SEDDAS accounts will be created automatically within 1 to 2 business days after the changes have been made in SEDREF. An email will be sent from with the account information to the email address on the account.